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Web Design Advertising

We welcome any web design company to advertise on this website. There are various banner positions available. Banners may be static or animated, each have their own specific rates. You will find the available banner position and pricing options below.

Full 468x60 Top Rotating Banner

This banner position can host up to 10 advertisers (never more). Each advertisers banner will be displayed an equal amount of times. It may be rented monthly or yearly.

Full Banner (468x60) Non-Animated: R250/month or R2500/year
Full Banner (468x60) Animated: R500/month or R5000/year

Square Button 125x125 Side Banner

These banners will show a single web design company. There is no limit to their availability. They will be rotating vertical postion to give all advertisers equal exposure. It may be rented monthly or yearly.

Square Button Banner (125x125) Non-Animated: R150/month or R1500/year
Square Button Banner (125x125) Animated: R300/month or R3000/year

How to Make a Booking?

To make a booking please email your request to: . We will contact you if banner advertising positions are available. You will receive an invoice and payment can be made via EFT or Credit Card.